AdvantageR Leather - Black / Metallic Gray Frame

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The I-CLIP AdvantageR is made with thick, high-quality perforated leather. The AdvantageR line is highly durable to scratches and impressions and ages beautifully. This wallet is perfect for the auto aficionado who loves the look and feel of perforated leather.

  • Holds up to 12 cards
  • Large card selection window for easy and quick access
  • Integrated money clip for your bills and receipts
  • Ultra slim shape fits comfortably in any pocket
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing just over half an ounce (18g)
  • Patented design made of Robutense, a high-tech plastic composite
  • Thick, high-quality, naturally tanned cowhide leather (We never use chrome tanned leathers)
  • Designed & Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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My Clip

This product is awesome and it is a must have. No more wallets and digging for credit cards 💳. This solves the problem and keeps everything neat and organized. Even the currency. Fits neatly in the front pocket so it also discourages the pick pocketing.


Good seller

Great Clip

I’ve been using another small money clip/card holder for years and have been pretty happy. Main issue though was that I had to put many of my cards in the clip part as it couldn’t hold all my cards. The iClip is awesome though as I love how it holds the cards, gives a great way to access them, and to hide the clip and any cash you have. Really compact and easy to use. Very happy with it.

Small and efficient

It’s small size make super easy to carry and it has very high quality

Replaced a steel clamshell wallet with this

I've used an Obtainium wallet for a few years, which I've really liked other than the fact it doesn't hold cash and it's hard to pull out a specific card. Thought I'd try this one out and I really like it. It's super light, holds cash, and once you get used to how to pull the cards out works great.

My only issue doesn't have to do with the wallet so much as credit cards themselves: The raised numbers cause friction when sliding cards out and make it a bit more difficult. Also the raised surface means you can hold fewer cards before they stack beyond the edge of the frame.

But overall, super happy I bought this and will be using it moving forward.