Why are the I-CLIP frames made of a plastic composite material?
Plastic is just the best material for our design. We tested hundreds of different plastic composites and eventually developed our own high-performance formula (Robutense) and manufacturing process. Not only is it super durable, but it’s also extremely lightweight and very comfortable to carry because of the flexible and rounded corners. Unlike a metal clip, our integrated money clip will retain its tension and flexibility. The material is also much gentler on the cards and bills compared to metal.

Are your wallets durable?
They sure are. Plus we stand behind our product and have a hassle free return and warranty policy in case you experience any issues with your wallet.

How many cards does it hold?
I-CLIP holds up to 12 cards. Which is an absolute record considering the extremely compact dimensions of our wallets.

Do the cards slide out if I only use 1-2 cards?
No. Thanks to our patented design your cards are safely held in place even if you only carry your driver's license and/or a credit card.

How should I put bills in my I-CLIP?
You can fold your bills in many different ways. However, there is a simple way to fold your bills and optimize the use of your I-CLIP. Check out this video we put together for you:

Does I-CLIP damage the liner of my pockets?
No. I-CLIP is designed for small pockets (shirts, front pockets of your pants, jackets, etc.), which is the reason for the smooth, rounded edges and the fact that our money clip is covered and not external on the wallet. It also works perfectly in summer outfits known for their more delicate fabrics (linen, cotton, silk, etc.).

Does the I-CLIP have a place to store coins?
No. Just throw your change in your pocket, leave it in the car or put it in your piggy bank when you come home.

Do your wallets come with RFID protection?
No, our wallets don't come with 'native' RFID protection, because RFID theft is actually not a thing. It was essentially invented by the wallet industry to charge more money for putting some aluminum foil in their wallets. Only a fraction of cards in the US are actually RFID enabled and a potential thief would have to hold a large card reader in your crotch or close to your butt for an extended period of time (which we hope you'll notice).  The best protection is to carry a slim wallet in your front pocket, esp. for pickpocketing which is a much higher risk. You can find a good article on NPR that summarizes why you should not worry about this topic HERE.

That said, we still offer an 'RFID shield' for the customer who needs 1000% piece of mind - we just don't try to sell you something you don't really need.

Where are I-CLIPs manufactured?
All of our wallets are 100% made in Germany in own facilities in Bad Dürkheim (45min west of Heidelberg).

The I-CLIP is mainly for men, isn‘t it?
No. Neither men nor women like bulging pockets or carry more weight than necessary. Many regular wallets do not fit in a stylish clutch bag - while the I-CLIP actually does.

Why should I buy more than one I-CLIP?
For the same reason that you have many different shoes. The I-CLIP comes in many different colors and leather types to always match your outfit. Additionally, it could be practical to have an I-CLIP for work and another one for personal use or two I-CLIP when you travel internationally.  

I didn’t find an answer to my question. What should I do?
Please shoot us a line at support@i-clip.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.