AdvantageR Leather - Black / Metallic Gray Frame

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The I-CLIP AdvantageR is made with thick, high-quality perforated leather. The AdvantageR line is highly durable to scratches and impressions and ages beautifully. This wallet is perfect for the auto aficionado who loves the look and feel of perforated leather.

  • Holds up to 12 cards
  • Large card selection window for easy and quick access
  • Integrated money clip for your bills and receipts
  • Ultra slim shape fits comfortably in any pocket
  • Extremely lightweight, weighing just over half an ounce (18g)
  • Patented design made of Robutense, a high-tech plastic composite
  • Thick, high-quality, naturally tanned cowhide leather (We never use chrome tanned leathers)
  • Designed & Made in Germany

Customer Reviews

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Great Wallet

Great wallet, I had one a few years ago from the same company and I use that every day. The difference is that the prior design had a thinner flap to it which allowed you to hold more material. I personally prefer the old model. But old or new it’s a great wallet.

Perfect for me

This holds all of my cards and a folded stack of bills perfectly for me. If you are wondering how many cards will it hold, I have 5 credit cards (thick), 1 Drivers, lic. (thinner) and 3 insurance cards (thin) and that looks to be its Max without going over the metal edge, which you could do.

Love it!!

I love the I-Clip! It’s perfect! It’s so light! I carry 7 credit cards, $100 cash in several denominations and business cards all inside the clip and it all fits very easily and is very easy to access and then return cards & cash! It looks stylish and I can carry it in any pocket I want including a pocket on my
t-shirt and it doesn’t feel like it’s pulling my shirt down. I can’t say enough good about it, I swear!


This is the most efficient and functional wallet I've ever owned.

Exactly what i was searching for!! Works GREAT!!!

This wallet has ended up being exactly what I've been searching for!! Good quality product that works "GREAT"!! The slim design doesn't take up much space in your pocket and It's like your not even carrying a wallet. I LOVE IT!!